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eOxity does not require a membership fee. Registration on the site is completely free. Most activity on the site is also completely free, such as requesting services, browsing service providers, messaging potential service providers, as well as buying, selling, and trading in the Marketplace.

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Post when you need a service provided for you, and the right providers will come to you. Use their eOxity profile, thorough rating system, and secure messaging system to choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

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Use your own skills and knowledge to provide your services for new customers. Simply select the categories that pertain to your personal areas of expertise, and get notified when others need your help.

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Use the eOxity Marketplace to buy, rent, or trade the item you’re searching for. List a limitless number of items that you would like to sell for absolutely free!

eOxity Key Features

We've made it even easier to accomplish your projects. Send requests and recieve quotes wherever you are.

  • Receive & view leads in real time for no charge
  • Pursue qualified leads for only $1
  • Request services to be performed in over 1000 categories
  • Purchase and sell in over 2500 categories
  • No membership cost or hidden fee's
  • Automatically get notified of service and product alerts
  • Set price and distance filters for every category you select
  • Browse professional profiles & reviews
  • Real time messaging between users

For Service Providers

If your a business or individual service provider, we can help you generate quality leads at low cost.

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Our Service Categories

Art, Design & Photography

43 categories

Automotive & Vehicles

192 categories


23 categories

Catering & Deliveries

8 categories

Electrical Services

66 categories


8 categories

General Services

19 categories

Health, Wellness & Fitness

117 categories

Home & Office

99 categories

Outdoor Maintenance

26 categories

Personal Care

4 categories

Pet Care

30 categories

Plumbing & HVAC Services

39 categories


66 categories

Technology & Appliances

92 categories

Tutoring, Education & Lessons

185 categories

We are growing...Join us!

At eOxity, we like to keep our users involved, and decided to provide a map that shows just how much our users are participating. We are growing and want you to know just how far we've reached! We let you see in real time where eOxity's activity is currently strongest.

We need your help to light up this entire map! Don't see your area lit up yet? Sign in, create a profile, and start requesting services!